The best duvet for a good night’s sleep

Using a wool duvet may be the secret to helping couples sleep easier, experts claim.

Many couples who share a bed will know what a struggle it can be when one person can drift off to sleep while the other starts tossing and turning because they are feeling too hot or cold.

Now, researchers say they have found a way to keep the peace at night and believe the secret to a deep sleep can be put down to the type of duvet used.

According to a report in Britain’s Daily Mail, University of Leeds researchers have found that wool-filled duvets can help regulate people’s bedtime temperature as they draw heat and moisture away from the body.

Even though people produce heat and perspire at different rates, it is claimed that wool can control the microclimate around each body allowing couples to remain comfortable under the same duvet.

This indicates that even when a couple shares a bed, heat will be drawn away from a person who tends to overheat at night but not from their partner who stays cool, leaving both to drift into a sound sleep.

The study compared wadding from different types of duvet on sale in the United Kingdom to examine the thermal insulation properties and moisture management.

They also analyzed how duvets cooled down from an extreme temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and what happened in the ideal sleep environment of 17 degrees Celsius and 45 per cent relative humidity.

Accordingly, analysts found wool allowed 67 per cent more moisture to escape over an eight-hour period than a feather/down wadding, and 43 per cent more than polyester.

Further, wool was able to cope with nearly double the amount of perspiration per hour than feather/down and around 50 per cent more than polyester.

In terms of heat management, wool was able to maintain the optimum body temperature for sleep of 35.1 degrees Celsius for the longest, with feather/down and polyester unable to maintain the level and instead exceeded 36.1 degrees Celsius.