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Face masks have certainly come a long way from the sachets of goop you could buy in the supermarket for a girls’ night in. Now it’s all about the sheet mask. These have long been popular in the Asian skincare market, but have only recently become a worldwide phenomenon. Countless celebrities relied on sheet masks to get them red carpet ready over awards season, thanks to the instant injection of product benefits it gives the skin. They’ve also become an unusual selfie accessory, with stars including Adele, Rita Ora and Alexa Chung all snapping pictures while wearing them. You don’t have to be a celebrity to splash out on a sheet mask though – high street shops are stocking their shelves with different options that can make you look Instagram ready without the need of a filter.

STARSKIN’s masks are the perfect choice for celebrities and regular folk alike. The company worked with dermatologists, aestheticians and celebrity make-up artists to create their Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks, which are packed with naturally fermented coconut juice. This enables the mask to effectively fuse to the skin for the 20-minutes it’s recommended to be used for, and leaves the complexion flawless and radiant. They come in options for blemish-prone, dehydrated or ageing skin among others, as well as versions for your hands and feet.

From coconut to charcoal – Timeless Truth use the carbon product as the basis for their Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask. It’s the perfect choice if you have congested or acne-prone skin as the Bamboo Charcoal Extract is freeze-dried and impounded into the cloth to ensure the skin really gets a good dose of beneficial ingredients. If stressed skin is more your issue, try the Timeless Truth Calming Revitalizing Multipeptide Mask. This is infused with negative ions, which can help boost circulation and relieve tension in the face.

Green tea isn’t just something that you brew in your kettle – Masque Bar have used it as the main ingredient in their innovative new sheet mask, which is designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation on the skin. It contains vitamin E, collagen and green tea, which all contribute to leaving the skin soothed, refreshed and moisturized.

The newly-released MEDER BEAUTY Hydra-fill Masque contains the beauty buzz ingredient hyaluronic acid, as well as tranexamic and thioctic acids, seaweed extract and minerals, to hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines – giving a “Photoshop effect” finish.

The final of our tips of the best sheet mask options is GOLD COLLAGEN’s Hydrogel Face Mask which has been formulated with a special technology that causes the mask to melt as it reaches body temperature – then causing the ingredients to be released into the skin to help restore radiance in the complexion

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