Tried and tested: Body exfoliators

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Dry, rough skin is normally a by-product of the winter months, especially when your body is soaking up lovely, warm central heating while indoors. There are countless products out there designed to banish and buff dry skin, so we road tested three to see which came out top.

Soap and Glory Pulp Friction – 4/5

First things first, this body scrub smells divine! The witty brand has coined the phrase Fruitigo fragrance, comprised of fig, peppermint oil and a whole load of vitamins. It’s really creamy, which is rare for a scrub, but also full of pumice which exfoliates the skin gently but effectively. I tried this on my right arm so I could compare it with the I Love… sugar scrub used on my left.

Skin is smoother, with bumps and dry patches visibly reduced. Soap and Glory promise smoother skin, and they definitely deliver on that. The smell lasts long after the shower too, making it a real winner.

I love… Lemon Meringue Whipped Sugar Scrub – 3/5

Usually sugar scrubs are really effective at buffering away dead, dry skin but this whipped version from I Love… lacked the power I needed. That’s because the sugar crystals were minimal, but it does only claim to give a gentle exfoliation, and so it stays true to that. However, where it does work well is on the moisturizing front, with the creamy formula quickly foaming on the skin and locking in hydration.

LUSH body scrub – 4/5

LUSH products never fail and this bar of body scrub is no different. I used it all over and dry, rough skin was quickly eradicated. A great exfoliator for getting rid of old fake tan too, easily buffering it off of elbows and ankles.

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