Eggtastic beauty

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Egg on your face? Don’t worry – the humble egg white has a lot more to it than you may realize, containing around 69 different proteins to benefit your skin. Eggs are currently taking the Korean market by storm as they are also high in collagen and vitamin A, which will help soothe out lines and help heal scars or burns. Add to that egg whites’ ability to ease/get rid of large pores, rashes and rosacea – they’re a real secret skincare savior.

The great news is that you can put egg whites straight onto your face, simply whisk them up until light and foamy, apply to clean skin and leave for around 15 minutes. Your face will eventually feel tight, which means it’s time to rinse it off with a warm cloth.

There are ways to mix things up though, all the while keeping things natural. Mashed avocado is a good option for those with dry skin thanks to its nourishing nature, and those with an oily complexion can benefit from a squeeze of lemon juice. Those with sensitive skin should keep things simple, so natural yogurt can be added to the mix for a richer finish.

However, there are plenty of choices for people who don’t feel up to making skincare products themselves. Skinfood have done it for you with their Egg White Pore Foam Cleanser, or you could tackle spots with TonyMoly’s egg-shaped blackhead gel.

The benefits don’t have to stop at your face; Egg Mousse Body Oil starts as a foam but quickly transforms into an oil – just remember to shake before use. This product includes avocado too, which as we mentioned above will do wonders for dry skin.

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