Afraid of liquid eyeliner? Don’t be

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She’s been wowing fans with her incredible make-up at various events, with the most recent coming at the Grammy Awards earlier this month (Feb16). It’s Adele’s eyeliner that’s really the standout of her whole look, with the feline flicks perfectly shaping her almond shaped eyes. Of course, Adele isn’t the pioneer of this look – with Old Hollywood stars such as Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn previously showing their love of sexy eyeliner flicks. It’s the perfect look for a big party or even a glamorous day look if you have the time to do it in the morning. Achieving this look is no easy feat though, and requires more than just a steady hand.

Make sure you apply a primer to your eyelids first, ensuring that the eyeliner won’t slide off during the course of your day or evening. Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a cult classic or Rimmel London Undercover Shadow Primer is a slightly cheaper option. Once you’re all primed, you can move on to starting the eyeliner.

While eyeliner pencils are undoubtedly easier to use, your best bet to creating the perfect Adele look is to use a liquid eyeliner. Shu Uemura Calligraph: Ink Liquid Eyeliner is a popular choice among make-up artists, as it has a bristle brush based on calligraphy pens, and means you can create a thin or thick line with complete precision. For an entirely liquid eyeliner, try MAC’s Liquid Eyeliner.

If you really don’t want to use a liquid liner, you could give one of the newer marker pen style liners a go. Benefit Cosmetics’ they’re real! push-up gel eyeliner is a good choice. Be aware though, this won’t give you the same sharp look as Adele’s.

When it comes to actually applying the liner, you don’t want to be messing around with a mirror and the eyeliner brush, so the best way to ensure a straight line is to place the mirror on a table and look down into it.

Holding the edge of your eye to pull the skin taut can help if you are a novice applier and don’t try and get each eye exactly matching before you start. Give it a go on one eye before moving over to the other.

The other thing to remember is that any errors can be easily corrected. Either wipe off the whole look and try, try and try again until you get it right, or dip a cotton bud in eye make-up remover and use to get rid of any minor slip ups.

One thing you can be sure of though, if you get this look right, you’ll have all the boys saying, “Hello!”

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