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It’s back to school for hair this season as pigtails are back on trend and better than ever. Anyone growing up with long hair is likely to have posed for a cheesy school photograph (probably missing a few front teeth), locks divided in half and tied up with ribbons. While back then the favored look was firmly attaching a ponytail on either side of our heads so the strands sprouted out above our ears, now it’s all about long and low.

You might have thought you had outgrown the pigtail, but a host of designers went all retro for their Spring/Summer 16 shows and gave the style a modern twist, perfect for those of us who still embrace their inner child.

Marni opted for grownup graphic pigtails at their runway show, with the look created by hairstylist Paul Hanlon. The models sporting the trend showed off low pigtails running down their back, which were twisted at the nape of the neck before being secured with hair ties hidden underneath. The whole appearance was sleek, with many manes incorporating a slick wet look, and complemented with supersized chunky earrings.

Fashion powerhouse Chanel also embraced the pigtails, choosing them as the perfect accessory for their classic boater hats. While Marni preferred to hide the hair ties, Chanel made them a big part of the look – choosing large, textured nude colored ribbons to keep the style in place. Their pigtails were also messier than Marni’s and flyaway strands made a frequent appearance during the show.

Other takes on the trend including the addition of narrow black elastic headbands which had ornate detail around the front in contrasting white, while braids were also featured with models sashaying down the catwalk sporting long, sleek pigtails which had been plaited.

If you want to recreate the look, the good news is you can do it in a matter of moments as long as you keep things simple. Start off by spritzing your mane with holding hairspray to ensure your pigtails stay in place and give it a good comb to calm any flyaways if you’re attempting a sleek look – or consider experimenting with sea salt spray for added texture and more of a beachy vibe. Then divide your hair into two and fasten each section at the nape of your neck with a hair elastic. Feel free to add nude colored ribbon for a glitzy event, or if you’re headed out for the night try a decorative elastic headband. Plaiting hair which has been sectioned into two parts is also a great take on the trend and you’ll be camera ready in a matter of moments. Make sure you stick to a center parting and banish any drifting strands with hairspray.

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